Ángel Pérez

MarCom & eCommerce Manager | Heidelberg SpainBarcelona, Spain
Ángel Pérez


With a studies of Economics and Communication, he has held the position of Head of Communication, Marketing and Digital Strategies for 10 years at Heidelberg Spain. In recent years within the multinational structure of Heidelberg she has directed the Southern Europe Cluster.


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Coldfoil or Hotfoil – Compete or Complement?

Ángel Pérez
Ángel Pérez Heidelberg SpainMarCom & eCommerce ManagerSpeaker

24-05-2022 16:0024-05-2022 16:30Europe/MadridColdfoil or Hotfoil – Compete or Complement?

At a time when packaging is a growing market and finishes are what make the difference, there are two laminate technologies that coexist and complement each other. Which one should we choose?

Zona Conocimiento - Hall 1
Tue 24 16:00h - 16:30h Zona Conocimiento - Hall 1
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Sustainable Printing. Marketing or Engagement

Ángel Pérez
Ángel Pérez Heidelberg SpainMarCom & eCommerce ManagerModerador
Jaime de Diego Oliva
Jaime de Diego OlivaProduct Manager Heidelberg SpainVice-president, Foro Jóvenes Impresores (Young Printers' Forum)Speaker
Cristian Arenas
Cristian Arenas Tois EstudioCEOSpeaker
Oriol Llinàs Martí
Oriol Llinàs MartíUnión PapeleraHead of Development in New ProjectsSpeaker
Patricia Garcia-Manso Hernández
Patricia Garcia-Manso HernándezCEO - DIN ImpresoresPresidente - Foro Jóvenes ImpresoresSpeaker
Laure Molinié
Laure Molinié @EGISA / Partner @Time for the PlanetMarketing, Communications & Sustainable Packaging DeveloperSpeaker


27-05-2022 12:0027-05-2022 13:30Europe/MadridSustainable Printing. Marketing or Engagement

Language has many faces and we use words, sometimes endowing them with meanings that suit our convenience. Sustainability, ecofriend, efficient waste management, minimising deforestation or carbon neutral are some of the terms we often use without appreciating the significance of their true meanings. Each of us, in our own space, as influencers, manufacturers, designers or printers, should make an effort and be very strict when it comes to flirting with these words. It is essential to be respectful of the environment when thinking, designing, printing and commissioning, and to be careful with the language we use when explaining what we do. As Al Gore said "The dichotomy between development and sustainability is a false one. Without a planet, there is no economy", and it is up to us to find the balance.

Zona Conocimiento - Hall 1
Fri 27 12:00h - 13:30h Zona Conocimiento - Hall 1