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Do you have a product or innovation that you want to highlight above the rest at Graphispag?

At we are excited to highlight several of our products and innovations at Graphispag this year.

Among them, we would like to highlight our advertising tent, perfect for outdoor events and promotions, which offers great visibility and durability. We are also proud to present our high quality printed books, ideal for publishers, independent authors and companies who want to highlight their content with a professional finish.

As for our textile range, we have experienced significant growth in the past year. In addition to our conventional sublimation and DTF foil, this year we have added eco-friendly recycled paper foils and mixed foils that can be either hot or cold pearlised. We have also expanded our offer with heat presses for textile personalisation, thus completing our package of solutions for textile personalisation.

Can you explain the main reason for your participation in the show and your commercial expectations?

Our main reason for participating in the show is to meet our customers, to give them a face, a name and a surname. But also to network with other industry professionals, connect with potential customers and showcase our latest innovations and product highlights. We hope to use this opportunity to increase our visibility in the market, as well as strengthen our presence in the printing and graphic arts industry.

Sustainability is one of the most used words in our industry to demonstrate to customers and, ultimately, to the public that we provide an efficient and environmentally committed service. Can you explain how your solutions stand out as sustainable?

Our company excels in sustainability through our wide range of eco-friendly products and by adopting environmental measures. From simple business cards to roll labels to PVC-free tarpaulins, we offer solutions that fit our customers’ needs without compromising our commitment to the environment.

We are also committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing, using certified paper, environmentally friendly inks, ensuring product traceability, as well as using eco-responsible packaging and carriers. We recycle printing consumables and sort paper and cardboard. Finally, we carry out internal actions to reduce our environmental impact, such as: reforestation projects with local schools, transition to a fleet of electric vehicles, participation in Clean Up Day to promote environmental awareness, among others.