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10 Tuesday January 2017

MACtac: Self-adhesive solutions for multiple applications

The extensive catalogue of adhesive solutions offered by the company, has positioned it as a leader in its sector. MACtac strives to enhance the value of labelling products.

4 Wednesday January 2017

Modico España presents its new series of Ovili bending machines for thermoplastic materials

Ovili machines specialise in bending thermoplastics to produce supports, display units and other parts without damaging the printed material.

3 Tuesday January 2017

Graphispag will be holding a special gift personalisation session at the Expohogar trade show

Graphispag will have a stand at Expohogar Spring to showcase the advantages of personalising gift items by printing

20 Tuesday December 2016

Tauler Laminating Tech is bringing its most successful laminating machines to Graphispag

The SmartB3 Matic and the SmartMatic 2.0 are compact sheet-to-sheet laminating machines featuring state-of-the-art technology.

13 Tuesday December 2016

Roland DG: Digitizing Markets

Right from the outset, Roland has provided top quality machinery and consumables that guarantee the best performance to graphic sector professionals.

12 Monday December 2016

Crazy Wall: The new collapsible display by DisplayMania

Crazy Wall is a collapsible display printed on high-quality stretch fabric that easily adapts to a multitude of spaces.

9 Friday December 2016

Croma Ibérica presenta Goccopro, una máquina de creación de pantallas serigráficas en alta definición

Goccopro is easy to operate and can be used for high-quality digital screen printing tasks.

9 Friday December 2016

Modular Signs extends its range of illuminated textile advertising

The company has recently completed its Slim.tex range with 2 new profiles, adapted to the use of optical acrylic.

22 Tuesday November 2016

Graphispag 2017 will promote graphic applications and offer knowledge, design and networking activities

This year's major new development is the showroom with different themed routes; it will provide in-depth insights into textile, retail, publishing and packaging graphic applications.

27 Thursday October 2016

Graphispag shows multiple graphics solutions for decoration and design in catering and hospitality

Hostelco visitors have visited graphispag stand in order to discover what printing can offer in the field of decoration and design.

A change directed to services and finished products

We create new areas to display and analyze graphical applications for 4 key demand segments for the sector.



The printing industry offers many opportunities to generate added value in books and publications. Graphispag has printed graphics applications and solutions to respond to the transformation of the publishing industry.



Packaging and Labels

In the perception of the brand from the consumer, the packaging is a key element. Knowing the techniques of packaging will allow you to select the best packaging and bring your product to customers.



Retail and Interior

Digital printing allows you to create new atmospheres and renew the atmosphere in a simple way. Change the look of your business to adapt to new needs or create a more attractive image to your customers at your fingertips.




New trends happen not only in design but also in printing. The current textile printing systems can be applied to a wide range of products and have a long way to go.


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We analyze the present to focus on the future.

Design and

Communication teams and graphic arts professionals are constantly looking for new products to amaze their customers. Listening to their demands contributes to the transformation of the sector and brings fresh ideas to renew the current business.

Design and Communication


The technological evolution of the graphic arts sector offers customers all kinds of solutions applicable to many materials. Amid this new scenario appears the possibility of generating new business models and customer relations.

New deal approaches


Graphispag is positioned as the platform for communication between clients and the graphic industry. Our goal is to contact the needs of the different demand segments and the possibilities offered by graphic solutions companies .


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