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Miguel Ángel Sánchez Maza


13 October 1967. Ubrique(Cádiz) University of Malaga. Computer Engineering Teacher:Maude Studio. Director: Teaching Consultants. General Manager: since 1998 in Innovación y Cualificación. Ic editorial Exlibric.- The Street. Sallybooks.-. Podiprint.-. 2015- 2021 President of the Andalusian Publishers Association. Partner in Bibliomanager


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New Developments in Print-on-Demand for the Book Industry

José Manuel Anta Carabias
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Jesús Núñez Alonso
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Miguel Ángel Sánchez Maza
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Arantxa Mellado Bataller
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25-05-2022 13:0025-05-2022 14:00Europe/MadridNew Developments in Print-on-Demand for the Book Industry

Fewer and fewer books are being sold, but more and more titles are on sale, while the number of annual best sellers is gradually decreasing. In this respect, a more efficient and competitive development of print-on-demand, a system based on the digitisation of content, is needed as a way to meet an increasingly fragmented demand. This type of initiative would make it possible to always have all the books in the publishing catalogue available for printing from one copy. In short, the aim is to make the widest possible choice available to the potential purchaser. Imagine an ideal situation in which all books are available to the consumer through digital files, and can be printed from a single copy, the potential for growth in turnover for the whole book marketing chain is obvious, in addition to the cost savings due to reduced storage space requirements, and the possible reduction of return costs, as books are ordered on a firm order basis. Thus, the book goes from being a product of supply to a product of demand.

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