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Our visitors share their experience in Graphispag 2017

‘Attending graphispag is a way to have contact with suppliers, see what's new and spend several days simply going deeper into these new developments. In an industry like ours, which is constantly changing, we need to keep up with technologies and products in order to always offer something different.

We are thinking about new investments and graphispag gives us the opportunity to meet with different suppliers in a short space of time. So it makes it easier to do business.

It isn't the same to see an ad for a product or go to a website as it is to see how they work there and then and make contact with the manufacturer or distributor in person.'

FRANCISCO CALLEJO Manager | Calidad Gráfica, SL (Zaragoza)

"We always have projects underway and coming to graphispag is a way to streamline procedures for these new businesses. The meetings we have had have been positive."

RAÚL ALONSO Gerente | Gráficas Muriel, SA (Madrid)

‘Major industry brands are represented at graphispag, this is why it is a good purchase platform. You can meet with very interesting suppliers for your company in a short space of time.

We have found what we were looking for. On the one hand, printing and finishing machinery, and on the other, materials. Above all, there were some materials that we had spent a lot of time looking for, which we have found here. We bought printing equipment at graphispag in previous years and they have once again fulfilled our expectations: we have found what we were looking for in machinery and materials.

It is a very compact and comprehensive trade show in the sense that it is highly specialised in our industry and there aren't any overly disparate things. We were looking for printing equipment which is very difficult to see there and then, we had been trying to but it didn't happen until we got here. It has been a pleasant surprise.'

YOLANDA MARTÍNEZ Purchasing department | Unlimited Way Producciones Artísticas, SL (Guadalajara)

‘My experience as a buyer at graphispag has been positive. It has facilitated my work looking for post-press machinery.

Coming to the trade show is about devoting time to purchasing for a day, you save time in interviews and in meeting with suppliers. At graphispag, I have been able to see new developments that I didn't know about and find new suppliers.
At graphispag, I have been able to see new developments that I didn't know about and find new suppliers. I have been able to see new automation and advances in process improvement, I understand that this is the way for the industry.'

IGNACIO COMPANY Manager | Byprint Percom, SL (Valencia)

‘Our goal is to expand the company's offer with new finishes and we take advantage of the trade show to look for the right machinery: die-cutting, lamination, pasting etc.

To be able to have a trade show like this in Spain, where the major suppliers are concentrated, is very good as you can visit them, see them and find out about their new products in a couple of days.'

JOSÉ MANUEL DE ONDARZA Production Manager | Gráficas Aries, SL (Madrid)

‘We look for new developments, suppliers and products at the trade show to expand our offer and meet new customer needs.

To be able to meet a new supplier at the trade show gives you a more direct service. When you talk to that person again, you already have a closer relationship.
You always pick up new ideas for your business at the show, whether in printing machinery, labelling or advertising.'

FRANCISCO Y RAÚL LORENTE Sales Manager and Production and Design Manager | Gráficas Lorente (Córdoba)

‘I regularly attend graphispag. The trade show helps me contact machinery and consumables suppliers as well as software providers.

I think graphispag is focusing well despite the changes that the industry is undergoing. The trade show has adapted to the new needs of the market and I think it can have a significant trajectory. Machinery is contributing a lot of innovations year after year and it is wise to keep up with everything that technology can offer us.'


Javier López

'As a buyer I want to highlight the variety of offers at the show, which reflects the changes and automation taking place in the sector.
We are currently looking to complement the machines we have and situation and extend our current range of equipment.

Seeing the machines working inspires confidence. You have to see the equipment you're investing in. You can see machines working in a manufacturer's showroom but you can't compare them or really look at them with no obligation to buy. The show is a great place to make your initial selection.'