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What our partners have to say about graphispag 2017

'For us, it was no easy matter to decide whether we needed to be at graphispag or not, firstly because of the policy of our parent company, which is not to take part in local trade fairs, and also, unsurprisingly, for budgetary reasons.
Finally, however, we realised how important it was to attend graphispag. Forming part of the show means forming part of the current graphic scene; it represents the current situation of the sector and is a statement of intent both on behalf of the sector and all the stakeholders in the event. The efforts made by Fira Barcelona and its team to get this idea across to us was impressive.
Our space became a meeting place that gave us the opportunity to demonstrate that even though Heidelberg specialises in offset, it is also making a big commitment to digital technologies and to providing an increasingly global offering.

As far as we are concerned, the effort made and the improvements in many aspects that graphispag has achieved at this edition is objectively measurable. There was a different atmosphere about the event, a different character, another pace, more movement and more quality in terms of contacts.

Graphispag is the benchmark event for the sector in Spain and I believe it could have a unifying influence on the supply and demand of the entire graphic market in southern Europe, bearing in mind that the presence of the Spanish graphic sector in France and Portugal is become stronger and stronger. We believe there is still work to do, but we are convinced that graphispag is on the right track. Models and trends are evolving and the secret to success always lies in this ability to guess or anticipate future needs; in this case, the needs of visitors and exhibitors.
The commitment to a show in which the central exhibition space is a forum and a showroom dedicated to knowledge and shared experiences seems exactly the right approach to us. What visitors need today is to leave a show with lots of ideas, contacts, new strategies, potential projects and closed deals. We need a meeting place for our sector and we believe that we have found that place in graphispag.'

ÀNGEL PÉREZ Marketing and Communication | Heidelberg Spain, SLU.

'Our experience at graphispag has been very positive. Our expectations for the show have been met. There we had the opportunity to confirm that digital printing is indeed in good health, with registered growth in all sectors. I would highlight the organisation's efforts to put a new spin on the show, updating content and making it more in tune with industry needs.

We are walking away with a very good impression of this edition, with a fairly large public (especially on the two main days) and with a great deal of interest in the new technologies HP is offering the market. The results have been positive. I would like to thank the graphispag team for its support and help during the show. We felt very welcome. It is important for HP to be at graphispag because it is one of the Spanish market's most important graphic art shows, where you can find the most influential companies and clients. That is why it gives such a push to our business and the HP brand's positioning.'

ÓSCAR VIDAL HP Large Format Sales Manager for Spain and Portugal 

‘Roland's experience at graphispag is very positive in terms of both the number and quality of exhibitors and visitors. A highlight for me is its ability to bring together every component of the graphic market, including manufacturers of materials (vinyls, tarps, rigid materials, etc.), machinery (printers), graphic printing media, colour management software and so on.

Also worth noting is the huge effort made by Fira de Barcelona and the manufacturers on the Organising Committee to reach out to and encourage other markets to attend the show because there are so many products/solutions that can add value to their businesses. Likewise, it is important to underscore the variety of presentations made for different groups; they enabled us not only to establish contact with people through a specific presentation in an area of the show, but also to take them along to the spaces where the applications were located and to the stand if they needed more detail.

Compared to the previous edition, we felt that the quality of the decoration and the presentation of the stands was better and that there was an air of optimism that undoubtedly helps to boost the market. Generally speaking, the show went very well, though that is something we will be able to assess properly once work has been done on the opportunities generated at it.

As an event that takes place every two years, it allows us to show our clients and potential clients the latest developments in a way that would not be possible through other communication channels. Graphispag has also become a benchmark for other markets wishing to explore how the graphic market can provide them with solutions for their own markets, such as retail, packaging, hospitality, the home, etc.'

XAVIER ARMENGOU General Manager | Roland

Raquel Gadim

‘This edition of graphispag was very interesting. We had visitors that were very interested in our products and business owners' motivation to make new investments was felt. Personalisation as a business opportunity was well received, which helps us a lot with our sales targets. The whole show was certainly a huge showcase for printing solutions, as well as a platform for demonstrations and knowledge concerning everything that can be done today in the world of visual communications.

The Graphispag Live area was essential for demonstrating to the end customer the benefits and potential they can enjoy with all our equipment.

The more traditional printing industry has understood that it needs to expand its service offering and this trade show is proof of all the potential they can get from integrating these kinds of digital printing solutions (some very specific) for packaging and labelling, retail and interior design and textiles. It's very important for Digidelta to be part of this event, as it gives us the opportunity to show our equipment to the most discerning customers who otherwise would not be able to see it, due to their everyday obligations. Furthermore, the show has drawn other visitors who are also interested in these technologies, but are not yet knowledgeable about them, which enables us to broaden our vision and experience making them better able to meet market needs.'

RAQUEL GRADIM Marketing and communication | DIGIDELTA

Jordi Magre

‘Graphispag has always been a leading trade fair in the graphic arts market. As has happened in other sectors following the crisis, the graphic arts market has undergone some restructuring in terms of both technology and the type of business. Digital printing and the concept of customisation have taken root at all levels of the business, from publishing to commercial advertising. This technological change has established new niche markets such as interior decoration and personalisation of objects (vehicles, furniture, etc.). This has created new horizons for machinery and materials manufacturers. Graphispag has also succeeded in adapting to this new trend, and has carried out a very successful conceptualisation, which is embodied in the graphispag LIVE space. In regard to the organisation of the fair, we would highlight the good work done in inviting participants from the retail sector, interior designers and design agencies.

This year's graphispag provided a good opportunity to have more direct contact with our product transformers (printers, sign makers and applicators). Thanks to the workshops, attendees found out about this year's new developments first hand, and get to know and discover tips and tricks in the application field thanks to the specific features in MACtac products. We found the meeting with interior designers, agencies and managers in the retail sector to be a very positive experience, because it is a sector that needs to find out about the products and opportunities they have in order to include these options in their own projects, and they don't always receive comprehensive information.

The presentations and conference with our clients (sign makers, printers and applicators) provided a real insight into the business opportunities available with new material technologies. Graphispag provides knowledge of the market and trends we can depend on. The secret behind this value is simply being in constant direct contact with the market's leading manufacturers, with product transformers (printers, sign makers) and building relationships with consumers and opinion formers in the sector (agencies, interior designers and designers). The combination of this value chain's information and the effective management of the work in each part of the chain make graphispag a point of support for developing your own business.'

JORDI MAGRE Country Manager MACtac Spain & Portugal | MACtac

óscar Visuña

‘Graphispag must definitely become the leading graphic communication show. We welcome the efforts to raise the show's profile in sectors such as textile design and production. The cluster established by the partners will also give major impetus to the show, to its growth and to obtaining a complete overview of the graphic sector.

These efforts to build bridges between such closely related sectors as graphic production and textiles, and between solution providers and designers/creatives is consistent with what we want to achieve as partners and as a party involved in the sector. We believe that the results have been positive and we enjoyed activities such as the visit from the AEQTC, for example. I believe that Fira Barcelona must continue to work towards ensuring the highest quality among those participating, in the same way that as brands we must make an effort to contribute visibility and quality in everything that we exhibit at graphispag.

At Epson we are convinced of a number of things: we want to be a company that is essential for our customers, based on meeting and exceeding their expectations. We want to improve people's quality of life and to that end, we base our approach on active listening. We listen to what our clients need and we work to offer them a solution that goes beyond their needs. Graphispag is the ideal space for this active listening to our current and future clients, as well as showing the results of our work to meet their expectations. With our official distributors, we offer users who come to graphispag direct contact with our technology, the best training in terms of processes to adapt to specific projects, and specialised on-site support. Graphispag is undoubtedly one of our recurring landmarks, and one of our unmissable events.'

OSCAR VISUÑA Commercial & Industrial Printing Director | Epson Ibérica S.A.U.