Print innovation zone

New applications to be developed using printing technology

The Print Innovation Zone is a new space that will allow for analysis and reflection on the future of the sector as a whole and provide an overview of how technological innovations can help to reinvent the sector.

With the collaboration of the 3NEO Technology Platform for New Materials, New Properties and New Technologies Process Printing and Allied Industries we will present new developments based on functional printing, electronic and 3D printing.

Oral presentations

Twenty-minute presentation in Speakers' Corner about autenticloud (authentication of documents and packaging using smartphone technology), the impact of digital printing on ceramics sector, sensors, new devices, textile printing, prototyping 3D printing, functional printing, lighting systems, solar panels and digital signage.


Demos of advanced developments such as ‘light in pack' LED light cardboard packaging for boxes and high-end packaging, Autenticloud, shot software (modelling droplet formation in inkjet printing), sensors, TOF-Cuff (for non-invasive blood pressure measurement), textile printing, 3D printing, Smart Mat (modular system for counting and tracking people) and functional printing.


Research projects which are sufficiently advanced but have yet to be demonstrated: SVARNISH (latest advances for the flexible packaging industry), 3D printing, S2-Salut&Sport (a mobile training platform to improve health in sports), textile printing and NanoDiGree (production of flexible displays).

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