The presence of professionals buying printing applications is on the up

12 June 2017

Graphispag fires up the graphic market, attracting quality visitors with specific projects

Graphispag Live, a new collaborative model

The director of Graphispag, Xavier Pascual, was satisfied with the good results and with the opinions gathered from exhibitors and visitors, which support Graphispag's new positioning. Pascual explained that ‘in the show, we have implemented a model of collaboration across the entire value chain of the printed product, involving technology and media manufacturers and distributors who have been our partners, while at the same time including graphic services firms and new demand groups related to packaging, retail and the publishing and textile industries in this edition, these specialist sectors were selected because of their potential'. In this respect, the show will continue to create spaces for relations and business between editions so that the creative and business possibilities of printing can continue to be spread.
The Graphispag Live printing applications showroom was well received, as were the different knowledge, demonstration and networking activities carried out.

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