Graphispag demonstrates how to create unique objects and spaces with printing

15 March 2017

Hotel rooms that can be redecorated in a matter of hours, walls embellished with the latest designs... the possibilities of creating unique products and spaces thanks to printing are infinite.

Graphispag will have a showroom in the middle of the fair known as Graphispag Live featuring all kinds of samples of finished graphic products to showcase real-life examples of how printing can be applied to new sectors, with a particular emphasis on the worlds of publishing, textiles, packaging, interior design and retail.

Thus Graphispag Live will recreate various areas in which visitors can take guided tours to learn about the techniques and materials used in printing all the different objects and spaces on show. There will be a bookshop, a sports store, a gift shop, a hotel reception, a supermarket and a bar, all of them full of graphic products and decorated with printed surfaces and items using different technologies.

These include printing on packaging manufactured in different materials; cardboard boxes; smart labels; PoP displays; furniture; signage; lenticular displays; posters; light boxes displays; canvas; pictures; curtains; mirrors; accessories; flooring; rugs; carpets; ceramics; ceramic tiles; wallpaper; technical apparel; fashion; textile printing; soft signage; canvas awnings; examples of functional and 3D printing; books; newspapers; magazines; catalogues and sales leaflets; stationery, etc.


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